This is a close up shot of a scoop of fresh tuna salad resting on top of a lettuce leaf. The lettuce and tuna are also resting on a piece of bread.

Our Capabilities

From both of our shelf-stable and refrigerated products facilities in Sycamore, we have the capability to produce not only traditional food products, but also trend setting products to meet our customer’s needs.  By pairing product concepts and recipe development services with two modern manufacturing facilities, we can tailor products to meet unique flavor profiles and nutritional requirements based on our customer’s guidance. Along with our innovative products, we have the capability and flexibility to utilize an array of packaging to meet our customer’s needs.

Product Development

Innovative and nimble, our product development team works hand-in-hand with our customers to produce signature and proprietary prepared foods based upon each customer’s unique needs. Whether for shelf-stable or refrigerated products, our team has the ability to seamlessly match existing recipes or craft brand new ones based on our customer’s specifications.

Co-Pack & Private Label

The Suter Company is always committed to protecting the brand identity of each customer. This commitment remains strong as ever and we value the trust we’ve earned with our customers. We continuously and consistently deliver high quality, uniquely packaged items under the brand names of the nation’s top food retailers. We are a company that understands that each of our clients are different in their own unique way; thus, we are committed to providing products specifically tailored for each. We provide custom recipes, unique labeling, variably shaped and sized containers, and made-to-order finished case packaging. Our integrated services let you bring to market exactly the products your consumers want.

The capacity and efficiency in our operations can accommodate large national brands while flexible enough to service regional needs. The Suter Company partners with major national and international food companies and provides co-packing services. Since 1925, our unique manufacturing capabilities provide niche products, allowing our partners to expand their product lines with minimal investment. As your manufacturing arm, we provide turnkey services that expedite new product introductions to the market.

Food Quality & Food Safety

We are certified as SQF Level II, and all of our products are produced under comprehensive H.A.C.C.P. plans. USDA inspected since the 1950’s, audits and plant visits from our customers are always welcome. Thorough and frequent employee training is at the heart of our commitment to assuring that every product that leaves our doors is safe and wholesome for your consumers to enjoy.

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The Suter Company is proud to be a member of C12, an organization where results-focused, faith-driven Christian business leaders come together to encourage and challenge each other to build a great business, for a greater purpose.

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