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Vision Statement

At The Suter Company our vision is to Enrich Lives for Generations. Our careers offer us a unique opportunity to build relationships and care for people in a comprehensive way. Providing an opportunity for our employees to be a part of a work-family and a vision that is larger than oneself inspires us to practice servant leadership and radical generosity. We come to work everyday from a place of gratitude, knowing we have a unique opportunity to enrich the lives of those with whom we interact.

Mission Statement

Living Our Values • Creating Unique Solutions
Supporting Customer Success

We believe strongly that a mission statement must be more than a poster on the wall.   It should guide each employee, every day.    At The Suter Company our mission statement starts with Living Our Values.   This comes first because it’s the most important thing we do each day.  No gain made in the absence of our values is acceptable.  Creating Unique Solutions is embedded in our culture and our day-to-day activities.  In every role we have the opportunity and responsibility to see the needs of others and then serve those needs by delivering value through unique solutions.   As a company that has flourished for nearly 100 years, we understand the value of long-term, win-win partnerships.   Supporting Customer Success is about much more than satisfying the external customer.  It’s about building positive relationships with all stakeholders that stand the test of time and allow our vision of Enriching Lives for Generations to be fulfilled.

Core Values

At The Suter Company our core values are expressed across the image of a compass.  A compass gives us direction and keeps us from getting lost and our core values do the same.  Like our mission statement, core values cannot be merely a poster on the wall.  They must be lived every day through our actions.   Our healthy, flourishing culture demonstrates that our core values are alive and well, and that through our shared values we can build an environment where our vision of Enriching Lives for Generations can be seen in our individual stories of growth and change.  We strive each day to leave behind a world that is better than we found it.

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The Suter Company is proud to be a member of C12, an organization where results-focused, faith-driven Christian business leaders come together to encourage and challenge each other to build a great business, for a greater purpose.

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