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The Suter Company, Inc. Major Milestones

For more than 90 years, Suter achieves its success by focusing on the needs of its Customers.  Providing innovative, top-quality prepared food products backed by outstanding service is our Commitment.

  • 1920s to 1950s

    Founded in 1925 in Palatine, IL by the late Charles B. Suter, the company began business with processed poultry, fresh meat and eggs distributed to restaurants throughout Northern Illinois.  The Great Depression and World War II were challenges that kept the company small. Charles was able to hand a successful family business to his two sons (George and Chuck) in the early 1950’s.

  • 1950s to 1980s

    The Company began to expand its product offering and distribution network under the guidance of the second generation of Suter. Slaughtering operations discontinued in the 1950’s.  Canning processes for poultry began, with Suter as one of the first companies in the US to can de-boned chicken.  Canned Boned Chicken, became the company’s primary product and a safe source of shelf stable protein for various food service institutions  and hundreds of foodservice distributors nationwide. By 1970, a line of canned entrée salads was introduced, including chicken, tuna, ham, and egg salads. These items quickly gained national distribution and were sold alongside the canned poultry products to thousands of restaurants, schools, hospitals, correctional facilities and other foodservice operators.

  • 1980s

    In 1984, the company introduced a line of high quality refrigerated entrée salads. Primary customers for these products included restaurant chains, supermarket delis, sandwich makers and warehouse clubs. Over the years this line has been expanded to include specialty salad products and a line of high quality dips and spreads.

  • 1990s to Today

    The third generation and the sons of George, Tim and Dan Suter, became involved in ownership and management of the company in 1990. Two years later, a line of shelf-stable lunch kits was introduced to the vending trade. With this product innovation’s success, it offered another avenue for growth as the company gained its first presence on the grocery store shelf. Today, lunch kits and snack kits are co-packed for one of the leading retail brands in the United States. The products can be found in the canned fish and meat section of supermarkets, wholesale clubs, dollar stores, and vending companies throughout the United States and Canada.